Our company and quality report 2023

Since the merger of the Deutsche Fachpflege Group, BONITAS Pflegegruppe and BIPGruppe, the large company and quality report for the entire group has been published once a year since 2020. The report provides a detailed review of the respective company year as well as a brief look into its future. It offers employees, clients and relatives a good opportunity to find out about the services and quality standards of DEUTSCHENFACHPFLEGE.

Competence and passion


We are an association of three care groups that together cover the entire spectrum of care throughout Germany. The synergy effects are at the forefront of our cooperation, because this makes us one thing above all:

Impressions of the
German professional care


Our united path in care began in 2019. Our goal since the very first step: to improve the condition of the people entrusted to us, ideally to the point of full recovery – and all this, of course, within the framework of a particularly high quality of care. We want to set an example in the care sector and set standards for high-quality care for people in need of care at all levels of care.

We have the best prerequisites for this. The Deutsche Fachpflege Group, Bonitas Holding and the BIP Group have joined forces to form DEUTSCHENFACHPFLEGE – all specialists in the care sector:

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… based in Munich was founded in 2011. From the very beginning, it was to have a decisive influence on out-of-hospital intensive care. Today, the Deutsche Fachpflege Group still focuses on intensive care and respiratory care and is one of the largest providers in Germany in this field. 1.800 employees work in the DFG


… based in Herford was founded in 1995. It has done pioneering work in some areas of nursing care. For example, the care services of the care group were the first in Germany to offer out-of-hospital intensive care. Bonitas was also a pioneer in the field of outpatient care shared flats: In 2012, the care group opened its first house community for senior citizens called „Unser kleines Heim“. 4.900 employees work in the Bonitas care group

THE BIP Group ...

… was created in 2019 by merging various departments between the Bundesweite Intensivpflege Gesellschaft, bipG VOR ORT, VigeoCare and BAPD. Since then, a joint office administration in Hanover has simplified many processes and communication procedures. 5.600 employees work in the BIP Group

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Care for every need

The nationwide range of services created by our collaboration is unique. We cover all areas of care: geriatric care, nursing care, intensive care and respiratory care. We care for our clients in their own homes, inpatient facilities, residential communities, day care and short-term care.

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Shaping the future together


Our employees do a great job. Only with them can we provide the high quality of care that we aspire to.
To achieve this, we combine different talents and skills under one roof – and give room for individuality. This is the only way we can learn from each other and make progress together.
We provide our employees with targeted support and attach great importance to a working environment in which everyone feels comfortable.

One for all – all for one

So that everyone feels comfortable

Diversity of tasks & jobs Job variety

Warm working atmosphere

Diverse career opportunities

Attractive benefits

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